The founder of our company was William Braniff Carroll, an engineer who lived in New York and worked for the railroad company in the United States. In 1900, he was commissioned to build the railroad in Mexico, where he met his wife and her family’s country estate. This hacienda home had 15 rooms, but very few bathrooms. Then, William Braniff Carroll wondered “how is it possible that such large and beautiful houses have so few bathrooms?”, and this question would change his life.


At that precise moment, he decided to stop working at the railroad company and, in early 1907, he started a small company that imported bathroom products, and this is how our story begins. Today, after 113 years and 4 generations, we return to USA with the Braniff brand, honoring our founder. Thus, we look at our legacy to transform the future.

The founder of our company


Working together is just the beginning, flowing together will lead us to a better future

More than 114 years of leadership experience

Braniff is part of our global company with operations in eleven countries, including the United States. Today Braniff remains at the forefront, confirming our commitment not only to our clients and customers but to our environment as well. Our manufacturing processes and innovative designs meet and exceed the most demanding ecological standards; moreover, we have imposed on us the highest standards in the development of our products. Our daily work is guided by values such as honesty and respect to others and to our environment.


Our collections of toilets and sinks have great prestige in the market due to their high quality, innovative design, technology and wide assortment. Finally, we have created a department to provide personalized customer service, facilitating our customers with the information they need before, during and after the sales process in order to continue flowing together.

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Braniff’s commitment to customers, process and product quality, and responsible action in favor of the environment and the communities where we participate, are an essential part of our company, which has obtained several national and international awards and certifications, such as:

Quality and commitment above all

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